Please make an Android TV compatible app

And the ability to disable that.

Imagine being a business owner and you use cameras all over your business property. Customers would be setting off notifications all day long.

I’d like to see an app on Android TV for my Nvidia shield. Even if it’s only for the cameras.

I now have reason to think that an AndroidTV version just MIGHT also automatically support mouse navigation on Amazon Firesticks. So count me in.


App for android TV is on the roadmap?

I don’t believe this has made it to #roadmap yet. You can check any time:

Search Roadmap

Please consider making an app for Android tv, Google just released their Chromecast with Android tv and it would be nice if a native wyze app existed so I can watch the cameras and also get notifications directly on my android tv, I have TinyCam Pro already but an actual wyze app with notifications would be great.


It would be really nice to see the Nvidia Shield TV and other Android streamers supported. While I have read there are apps and browsers that can view my cameras that run on this device, what I want are the NOTIFICATIONS.

I generally sleep with the device running and would love to get a pop-up on-screen camera alert!


Recently got a Chromecast with Google TV. I sideloaded the Wyze app (using the Downloader + Aptoide TV method), and the Wyze app will run. However it is MISERABLE to use with the remote (I do not have a mouse/keyboard hooked up). I was able to log in eventually, but using the app is then clunky. You can’t tell where you’re “tapping,” and it’s in portrait mode and won’t flip landscape (by default anyway, I haven’t tried the app that may do that for you automagically).

Quick&Dirty mods to the Wyze app may help this:

  • As with BritBox (which I also sideloaded), highlight the field where the cursor is so you know where you’re typing or tapping
  • Be able to go landscape if the display is wide

Those two changes would go a long way. Else – for now – the Wyze app is not very usable on the Chromecast device (and probably Android TV in general).

Use case: Using Chromecast with Google TV (basically an Android TV box) with an old computer monitor via its HDMI input to monitor the Wyze cams.

You could try installing TinyCam on that. It has pretty good cursor control. On FireTV the remote’s arrow buttons handle everything.

I am using tinyCam Monitor PRO. The cursor control works from the remote to get to all the fields and menus. (“TinyCam” is a different app from another developer - I’ve not tried it.)

Yes that’s the one, by Alexey Vasilyev. Everything else called TinyCam is trash or a scam.

I’ve already view the wyze cam in real time using tiny cam pro on my chromecast ultra without time limit. Why does not make an native wyze app to chromecast tv?

When can we get Wyze app on Google TV - we can open and watch the cameras etc with more easy?

Would be nice to be able to see all your cameras on an Android TV App.

I’d like to see a wyze app for viewing cameras available on Chromecast TV dongles

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App for Samsung, LG and other Smart TV’s

Can you make a verion of the app (even a simplified one) for Samsung, LG, and other smart TV devices from which cameras can be viewed?

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Are there plans for an app that will work well for Android TV?
I sideloaded the Wyze app, however it expects the ability to rotate between portrait and landscape so it never works in full screen.
I have a dedicated Android TV stick which I use to monitor multiple cameras at once. However, I use an inexpensive phone to cast to the screen. It would be nice to not have to use that.