Please let us control wyze sensors with alexa and IFTTT

Hey guys
I would like t o wish for the wyze sensors to be opened up to alexa and IFTTT. is that technically possible?
if that happens it opens up so many doors to incorporate these sensors in a cheap smart home environment

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You can’t “control” a Wyze sensor since there’s really nothing to control. Or perhaps you mean allowing IFTTT or Alexa to change a sensor’s notification settings, etc?

For that, there are already #wishlist topics request the ability for IFTTT/Alexa to trigger Wyze Shortcuts (which is how this would be accomplished):

Ability for Alexa to Trigger Wyze Rules
IFTTT Action to Trigger Wyze Shortcut / Rule

Or perhaps you mean to allow Wyze sensor states to be used to trigger IFTTT or Alexa actions?

For IFTTT, that is already available.

For Alexa, see this #wishlist topic: Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense


I agree. I want that function also. I want to be able to use an Alexa routine to verbal tell Alexa to start recording or stop recording. I start to create the routine, but the all Wyze cameras are grey out in the Unsupported device section of the device list.

Wyze folks… When will this be available?

Placed order for Wyze sensors today for Alexa routines. Now, I wish I had not.

I want a ROUTINE command to display Wyse camera on my Echo Show 8