Please consider changing fast forward and rewind functionality

It would be nice to be able to select a specific time when viewing recording instead of having to rewind or fast forward with sliding my finger. I find it very difficult to rewind or fast forward to specific times. Instead I’ve been just removing the micro SD card and viewing the recording on my computer because watching play back in the app is so difficult.


Some tricks when viewing the timeline:

  • Place two fingers on the timeline and spread them apart (pinch out gesture). This will zoom in the timeline for finer control. Reverse the gesture (pinch in) if you need to move in big increments again.

  • Tap the date icon to quickly switch to a different date.

  • If you are set to Event Only recording, jump from one event to the previous or next by using the < and > icons on the left and right ends of the timeline.


Also, to request new features or to vote on ones you like, check out the Roadmap section: Roadmap - Wyze Forum

PS - This one exists: Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

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