Please allow Wyze Doorbell Pro to control Wyze Lamp Socket

For those who don’t have a powered doorbell to replace with a wired doorcambell, and since we now have this awesome Wyze smart socket, have the smart socket be able to provide power the Wyze’s doorcambell, particularly the newest version. That is much more preferable than having to swap out batteries a few times per year.

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I’ve got the socket powering/charging the doorbell pro, but I just can’t control the socket any longer. I haven’t tested if the scheduling stays when the camera is removed from the equation, but I doubt it will. I guess I’m okay with the socket simply always on or off, but it’d be nice if I had full functionality.

Please allow Wyze Doorbell Pro to control Wyze Lamp Socket. I’m using the Lamp Socket to provide continuous power to my Video Doorbell Pro, but I can’t control the socket like I can with the camera v3. Seems like a straightforward code change. I’ve tried using an OTC cable to connect both the v3 camera and the doorbell, and they both power/function, except still no control of the socket features.

Thank you!

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Yes, I would love to be able to power my video doorbell, pro from Wyze light socket