Please add support for Android 11 Go Edition

Please add support for Android 11 Go Edition.
I bought a new tablet with 11 go edition (not knowing the difference) and found that it has a different version of that does not have the Wyze app.
I found that many inexpensive Android tablets come with the go edition rather than the standard.

Maybe you can install by using an APK?

Never heard of Go version. Thanks.

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Same here. Just bought an inexpensive Android with 11. Doesn’t state Go anywhere but Play Store Wyze app isn’t compatible with device.

Make sure to vote for this Wishlist post with the green VOTE button to let wyze know you want this.

As an alternative I found how to install Google play store on a fire tablet.
I already had a fire HD 8 tenth generation which is based on Android 7.
I followed the instructions here and successfully installed play store.

I installed the Wyze app and it is working with no problems.
This tablet also has “show” mode.

Another option I haven’t tried is to by a prepaid Android phone and don’t activate it.
If you can connect it to wifi without activation it should work.
For example: