Playing Event Recordings >> BEEP

i have 2 V2 cameras
6 feet apart pointing in opposite directions

why does 1 of my cameras produce a beep on the Event RECORDINGS?

it happens during playback on my iphone
you hear the regular sound and on top of that a very loud beep every 3 seconds throughout playback

what can this be?
i have already rebooted this camera, and same thing keep happening

my other camera works normal (no annoying beeps)


Move the cam that beeps somewhere else and test it for an hour or so … does it still beep?

i appreciate your help, but i don’t see how moving the camera a little would make a difference, is it possible to post a video of it, or upload the video?

yes you can upload video. icon -arrow up with disk drive.

do you set sound detection? ON.

Possible electronic interference. Try this … open the Wyze app and view a cam’s Live view… while viewing in Live view (be sure sound icon is on) , walk close to the cam.

doing that would most likely cause a feedback loop,
when i live feed the camera remotely all is good
it’s just when it plays back the Wyze recordings from the cloud,
my continuous records from the camera’s SD do not have these annoying beeps
just the cloud recordings