Playback vs Notification

Why do I see on playback the green or blue bars on the time line showing recorded items but when I go to notification nothing is there? Aren’t they both set for low, med or high sensitivity or are there different ways to set sensitivity for playback vs notifications

Yes, the ‘record on event’ sensitivity is different (more sensitive) than the alert sensitivity which can also be adjusted unlike the record on event sensitivity. And for record on event the recording will start at :00 seconds of any minute motion is detected and continue to :59 seconds, and continue as long as motion is detected. Alerts are just a 12 second snippet and then there is a 5 minute timeout before the next alert can be generated. So you will see more in playback than you see from alterts. I’m hoping at some point they will allow record on event sensitivity to be adjusted so it can bet set to the same level as for alerts!!