Playback video doesn't fit in window

When I load up the video to watch an alert, it “zooms in” the view and I have to try to pinch it in to make it back to normal size. It isn’t easy to do as when it reaching the normal size it seems to loop back to the zoomed in view if I try to pinch in too far. This happens on a Samsung Galaxy S10+.

I just tried it on my LG V20 and it doesn’t have this issue, it looks like it might be a sizing issue due to the screen resolution?

It only does it on playback of Events, on the Live stream it’s correctly sized.

Anyone else seen this?

So, I am guessing no? Wyze, you guys have any idea on why it’s doing this? I can bum a friends phone and send you a video of it if you want. :slight_smile:

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