Playback- Take photo bug?

On iOS- When I’m in “Playback” on a camera that is set to constant record to SD card, if I pause the playback and press “take photo”… I get the spinning wheel for several minutes but nothing ever happens. The spinning wheel just spins until I exit that screen. No photo ever shows up in photos. Wyze has read and write access to photos in settings.

Am I doing something wrong?

Edit- I should add that if I don’t pause, the photo shows up just fine.

I concur. Take Photo works while playback is streaming. But if playback is paused, then I get a continuous spinning white spokes icon in a gray box. Must back out to the device list to recover. iOS App version 1.3.114, V1 firmware

Hi, it is bug that we didn’t catch. Thanks for reporting! Our engineers will get it fixed soon.