Playback stalls in app for video not shown on beta webview

[Thought I posted this weeks ago - just realized it was still a draft, but I’d still like answers, if possible.]

I admit that I haven’t yet installed the latest firmware(?)/update to the camera.

I am using the latest (3/29) version of the ios app. We had a 48 sec video recorded at exactly midnight last night (shows as 4/3, in the app) of a vehicle pulling in and maneuvering around in our driveway. Kinda need to see that video.

In the phone app, it plays for 8 seconds, then show “1.3 MB” then “0 B” and stops playing.

It doesn’t even show up in the beta webview, though the rest of today’s videos do.

How can I get access to this video to play it? Downloading to my phone doesn’t help - still plays only 8 seconds.

Hello @Cara,

Was the night vision IR active when the event was being recorded? There was a bug when the IR was on where for some reason the playback would be at double speed. As a result, It would only playback for around 8 seconds or so. The issue has been resolved in the newest firmware.

I don’t know if applying the update now will fix the previously recorded video. I would assume not.
When you do update. I would not recommend updating the base station yet. There have been a lot of issues updating them.