Playback of manually recorded wyze video is glitchy

I noticed that when I manually record a video from wyzecam to save to my album from playing back a video from the continuous recording stored on the SD card, the playback is spee up for some reason. It’s faster than the normal speed. Also, the video that is manually recorded is glitchy and the picture someone’s is frozen on the recording. It plays back fine from the playback mode but when I watch the manually recorded video, it is sped up and the picture is frozen. It happens on my wyzecam v1 with the latest fw and sw.

iOS or Android? What specific versions of app and firmware?

Android App v 1.5.42 and the previous app as well had this issue as well. Firmware

Gonna have to hope an Android user will chime in here with an idea what’s going on.

Should I email wyzecam support instead then?

Yes. It’s best if you can submit a support ticket from within the app so that the logs are captured. Be aware that there’s a several day backlog on support responding.