Pixel shifts causing notifications?

Since the latest firmware update there has been a drop in image quality. I am now getting motion alerts on all five cameras every five minutes (3 v2 and 2 pan cams). The only motion in the clips is the pixelated shifts in the image. Not sure if this is causing the notifications because there is also no tagging of any motion. Normally a lot of motion in the image will cause pixelization ie grass and branches constantly moving in the wind, but this is happening with close to no motion in the image and it’s happening in night vision as well. No changes in wifi signal or strength- this started since the latest firmware and app updates were uploaded.

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I noticed on my cameras following the update that the streaming quality had defaulted to 360 or SD. This causes the image to appear more pixilated. Check the live view on your cameras and make sure they are still set to HD.


Wow, thank you, I didn’t think to check that but you are right, they were all on 360. Set back to HD and all is back to normal mow.