Pinch & zoom for Chromebook?

Hello, as you may know, many Chromebooks manufactured in the past 2-3 years can now run Android apps, with Linux support coming, and also eventually dual-booting with Window too.

I’ve installed the Wyze app and it runs ok on my Chromebook, except for the Pinch & Zoom feature available on Android smartphones. Is there a workaround for this yet?

Other than that, I’ve done an initial test of mounting it inside the front yard lantern that is located beside the driveway and halfway between the house & street, and that’s where the cam will be permanently installed. I could install it quickly by eliminating the 120VAC lightbulb, but I’ll think it over and maybe build an entire new lantern headpiece for the post.

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Can you pinch and zoom on other Android apps running on the Chromebook?

My Chromebook does not have a touchscreen, and so I can’t fully answer your question. Chromebooks can zoom pages by Cntrl plus + , but that does not work for the Wyze app. BTW, the Wyze app is displayed in portrait view only, and about the same pixel dimensions as on my Galaxy S6

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Was Chromebook support broken in the latest version? I cannot install it on my Asus 302CA. There is an error stating “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.”.