Pickup distance

What is the expected range, I’m trying to monitor my driveway, the bottom is 150’ away, and it does not pick up until the car is already at the top which is not helpful. it picks it up about 50’ from the camera

So are you asking “what is the expected range of the motion trigger…?”

Anything over 50’ from the camera sounds like a long way. Since these are pixel-triggered cameras, the percentage of the overall screen is what triggers them.

My suburban driveway is maybe 25 feet from the camera until I care what happens, which might be 20-25% of the picture.

You might be able to increase motion detection sensitivity beyond that, but false triggers like cloud movements would also increase.

I wish I could recommend Sense PIR motion sensors, but you would be still a long way from a bridge-equipped camera.

Now that is not to say there aren’t creative technical solutions to monitor an entrance that is 150’ away, but don’t expect a camera at your front door will fulfill your needs by default.

I think many more descriptive details are needed here, thanks!


That’s a hell of a driveway. If you have lighting by the entrance, consider using that power to place a camera and/or sensor of some type there.