Phone notifications steal Wyze Headphones focus

TL;DR when my phone makes a sound, it will steal focus for the Wyze Headphones from my computer and not give it back, even after the sound completes.

I’ve only noticed this recently - when I’m on a call on my computer with the Wyze Headphones (or anything using audio, a call is just the most annoying) and I get a notification on my phone, which is also connected, the headphones will switch focus to send me the notification sound or any other sound like my tiny power button sound, and not switch back to the computer. In the middle of calls I can be talking to someone, and then suddenly I can’t hear them (they can hear me because I use an external mic). Sometimes my notifications are so short that by the time the focus is stolen, I don’t even hear the notification because of Bluetooth delay, so I have no idea what’s going on. Am I missing some settings here because this is happening all day and it’s exhausting.