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Because there is no Android app manual that I can find on the site, I am asking for some help on how to use the phone app
1 On the home screen upper left there is a Notification star. It seems to do nothing but pulse when tapped What is the function of this?
2. Totally confused about the detection zone, Which is it, the darken spots are the detection zone or the unselected zones the detection zone?
3. One of my V3 cameras will not update the firmware, the other has updated The update seems to hang and then times out The camera that won’t update is a Camera Plus subscription

I find it hard to understand why Wyze will not do something so basic as provide a app manual. How much effort does it take to generate a manual?

  1. I don’t know what you mean - I have no such star. Only thing in the upper left is the plus sign for adding devices, groups, etc
  2. The grayed out is NOT detected.
  3. CamPlus has no bearing on firmware updates. Make sure that camera has a GOOD WiFi connection. If it’s a marginal WiFi connection, you may be able to watch the camera OK, but the large data towards the camera for a firmware update could fail. If needed, temp move the camera to a good WiFi coverage location to do the update. I ran into that with the V3 that is the dashcam in my truck. When I’m at work, the WiFi coverage is very marginal. I can usually watch video, but often choppy. When I did yesterday’s firmware update that one camera failed - twice. I just waited until I got home where I have much better WiFi coverage and it worked fine.

Sounds like a shortcut:

Detection Zones:

App Manual Here:

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Thank you for the reply. However you did not answer my question. The link to the is not a direct link to the manual, just a support page

No, it is the manual. The links there go to the different parts of the manual.

I have tried both ways on the detection zone. The result is always the same. I get notifications outside of the detection zone.

The app reports that I have 2 of 3 bars. It is connected to an access point that I get 80 mbs/sec speed.

do you know what is giving the notifications? is something actually moving or is it caused by the shadow?

  1. The star is a Shortcut Rule. You will need to click the pencil at the top right, then edit rules. you will see a Shortcut Rule in the list. that is what is showing at the top. you can tap it to edit it.

  2. The detection zone is the area’s not shaded when you set up the detection zone. if detection zone is not on, then it will use the entire picture. It would be helpful if you provide the actual event to see what is triggering the event. make sure you turn on motion tagging on the camera to actually see what triggered the event. This can be turned on and go to the Live Stream of the camera, select More in the menu and then select Motion Tagging. it will be a greenish color if you have it selected.

This is my Detection zone settings, the light color is what I get notified on. But note, anything which crosses in that area can trigger an event. I also have CamPlus to only notify on pets and person: