Phantom doorbell chimes

Anybody else getting phantom doorbell chimes? The chime will go off randomly. Tis the season for ding ding ditch, but no one is ever at the door. There is no notification on the app and nearby cameras show no one was there to ring it. I’d swear I was hearing things but the wife hears it, and the dog makes sure everyone knows he heard it too!

This happened to me sometime last week. I went 2x to the door to check. Surprisingly, I have a routine that makes an announcement when the doorbell is pressed and there was no such announcement both times, meaning no one pressed the doorbell.

This started to happen to us today (02-27-22). The doorbell rang on 2 occasions, nobody was outside, and nothing was recorded on the camera too. Strange, sounds like one of those ghost shows I watch on TV. We had the Wyze for 4 moths now and this happened the first time today.

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This has happened to me like 4 times now. Even my dog hears it and barks but all 4 times no one is ever there and nothing was recorded. It’s really weird and I don’t understand why it happens especially because it is hard wired into my original doorbell chime. I don’t understand how or what could make it even do it. It’s not like it use to happen before I started using my wyze doorbell. Idk but I’m glad to hear at least it’s not just me lol

This has been happening to me too 03-2022

This started happening to us last night as well. First around 8 pm, then again just before midnight and again at 3:30 am. It freaked us out (the ones in the middle of the night) and we couldn’t sleep after the second time.

I have additional cameras in the area of my front door and there wasn’t anyone physically pressing the button.

My wife is ready to get rid of it so I’m hoping it’s just a software issue.

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This happened to me about 10 minutes ago on December 17th 2022! I was in the restroom, and I heard my chime and I know I heard it for sure because I recently changed the chime to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” And just like the others in this thread, there was no event and, of course, nobody at the door!

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This happened yesterday night for the first time. The door cam & bell have been installed for at least 18 months. The 2nd time was today. As a first attempt, I unplugged the chime for a bit and restarted the camera via the app. Wait and see.

This just happened to us twice today - after having our doorbell installed for a couple of years now…

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It has not happened again since April

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I installed the doorbell a few weeks ago and didn’t experience this problem until yesterday, but it happened a few times since then. Has anyone figured out what causes it? I’m thinking that it may be related with the changes in detection sensitivity for the camera, which I modified recently.