Pet/Animal Detection

Same, an official confirmation would be nice or something :sweat_smile:


Well, this went out a little earlier than I was planning. More news is coming later this week but it is something we’re working on. :slight_smile:


Great news thanks! :smiley:


oops? i guess lol either way excited!


Very excited to hear this! Can’t wait to find out more info!


Omg!! I’m so excited! I hope I am able to start it ASAP. My cat is still out there, I won’t give up on him !

+1 for pet detection. The current AI engine detects our Labrador as a person. While our dog approves this creates a lot of unneeded events when I’m only interested in human movement around our perimeter.

I mainly want to be able to use this feature in automations, but that will require Wyze to do something we’ve asked for since their inception: give us an API.

Just got my v3 's today. Setup was easy. Imagine my surprise when all the “Person Alerts” came in? A small low, long rectangular person on all fours… Yep. +1

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Assuming this is using AI, the model needs all the training it can get. It constantly just says ‘motion’ when only my dog is in frame.

I did notice that ‘dog barking’ is a new report for event feedback. I really hope we get a wider selection of integrations soon, as I would love to do something in my smart home when it detects my dog barking. However, that’s going to have to include finally allowing us an official API so we can make a Home Assistant integration.
All we need is the API. The Home Assistant community can take care of the integration coding.

Where are you finding vehicle detection?

It was only made available as a beta program to those who were subscribed to Cam Plus.

Pet detection would be amazing. We’re getting alot of demand for this with Wayzn doggy door solution. If you can identify my pet outside with the Wyze camera and it can talk to Alexa then it’s a great alternative to the need for a pet tag solution. Thanks!

Very simple. There are others smart devices that can be used together. By example; I currently use the Wyze camera to detect any person that step in my lawn, then trigger the water sprinkle. Why I am doing that? DOG POOP in my lawn. Is very annoying to tell people to get out of my lawn.

Motion capture keeps notifying me when my hosta moves (it’s in the foreground) or the robin flies around (nesting in foreground as well), if the pet could be tagged separately, I wouldn’t get these regularly (annoying) pings. I also have to always adjust based on when he’s let out, mildly inconvenient.
FYI, Google photos detects my 2 pitties separately for their own photo albums, so it can be done! Be better than Google! :wink:

In the email Wyze sent out today… in the “Wyze AI Model Updates” section, you show how challenging it is for the AI to tell the difference between faces of a Chihuahua and that of blueberry muffins.

Is the reason why you want the AI to know the difference because you want the AI to NOT trigger an alert if it sees your Chihuahua walking around the house, but the AI should trigger an alert if a blueberry muffin is walking around the house?

Exactly. Who’s afraid of a Chihuahua walking around the house? :wink:

Having pet/animal detection would be a very helpful AI feature. I prefer the term “animal” as we have many wild animals appear on cameras. Not all animals are pets, but all pets are animals.

This already exists…

Please explain further. I only get notices for motion or vehicle detection. Animal detection is not itemized on our Wyze2 or Wyze3 cameras.