Pervert caught

New user here, I’ve been doing renovations for the past few months. Recently set a up a cam because I had a strange feeling about one of the trades and confirmed my suspicions. Caught one of them going through my wife’s drawer and stealing her underwear. I reported to police immediately and it has since been delt with. If it wasn’t for these cameras who knows how much longer this would have gone on for. As a new user I can’t upload but will as soon as I can.


Yikes. Welcome, @j_molina. :slight_smile:

Gotta say, that’s a heckuva “click-bait” title - with no pictorial payoff.

Screenplay 101, man. :wink:

Anyway, good you caught the perv. The world can be exceedingly bizarre.


@moderators could you help with a level bump here?


I’ve increased your forum trust level so you can upload now.

However, please be careful not to violate the Community Guidelines and also use caution not to post anything that might identify an individual which could potentially get you into legal hot water.


Excellent advice from @Loki. Legal issues are not fun areas to venture in. Err on the side of caution.
But thanks for your post! I have used vids from my cams three times in the last six months in police reports. They can be useful but be cautious where you display them.
And welcome to to the Forum!


Unfortunately for legal reasons the video does make the individual clearly visible and perhaps I shouldn’t post it…?

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Probably not, You could describe it in words, though… :slight_smile:

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blur his face out




If I had a perv doing that to my wife’s undies…he’s being posted every-damn-where I can post the video!! SUE ME!! #IJS


The good news is you caught him so that‘s all that really matters. Best to stay on the safe side.


Whoa great job

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Depends on what state you live in. Complicated by the fact that they were committing a crime.
I call click bait, and I’ll believe it when I see it. You could blur his face, or just crop it out.


While not providing legal advice, posting a video without audio is legal, only if you include audio and the person is speaking, is it illegal in SOME cases. If there is no conversation ledgible, audio is irrelevant.

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What’s the chance the perv will press charges/sue if you post the video here?! :laughing:

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Possible Wyze would have some liability if they let it stand? IANAL.

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How so??

1.Wyze has no control over how people use their products and would not be liable for it’s products being used illegally.

  1. If you’re a perv and was busted on camera doing something illegal…you’re gonna turn around and go to the police and press charges because someone posted a video of you engaging in illegal activity to a users feedback forum?? :rofl:
  1. No, but does have control over what it allows to persist on its forum?

As I say, IANAL (thank God) just a lay-me brain with a memory of the extraordinary ways (sometimes old) laws can be twisted to serve unlikely ends.

  1. Maybe. Nothing preventing an “alleged” perv from filing suit against the “injured” party he has “allegedly” offended.

A maybe bad example: “ambulance chaser” lawyer (ACL) searches for clients whose circumstances he knows will be effective as plaintiffs in a suit. Pays plaintiff(s) to be professional litigant(s) in multiple suits against would-be defendants whose places of business do not meet strict ADA requirements for access.

Effectively “extorts” settlements from “defendants” who want to make the threat of nuisance suit go away. ACL asserts suit will be brought even if “defendant” is willing and able to correct conditions that are out of compliance. So spirit of law may be good, but in hands of ACL, practice of law perverted, made unnecessarily punitive, rewarding ACL and professional litigant.

This is an actual thing happening in our town at the moment.

Again, my knowledge of law is a block wide and an inch deep, just presenting for the sake of discussion. :slight_smile:

If OP is not going to post this should be locked.

Posting internal home video without audio is legal. Even if the person videod does not know. Since they are in a residence not of their own, there is no obligation of privacy.


Hey @DistantOasis. From my understanding, the volunteer moderators here go through some training. One would think they, or perhaps @WyzeGwendolyn, could confirm this.