Personal detection does not work on camera with the wyze bridge plugged into

I have put the bridge into three other cameras that had personal detection working on and then it will stop on the camera that I put the bridge into and start working on the camera that I pulled it from. Think it’s a bad bridge? Any suggestions?

what type of cameras are you putting it in? v2’s or pan cameras?

I have 5 pan cameras that I bought a month ago. I’m going to try and put the bridge in another camera today. I have switched it into 3 of them already with the same effect. Thanks for the reply.

I see the same issue on my V2 with a bridge. It’s set up for Person Detection, but I can dance in front of it all day long and it never registers a Person event.

Person detection does not occur on a “Smart video alert”, only on standard pixel motion alerts.

I just walked in front of my V2 bridge camera that is set up for person detection, but because standard motion alerts were turned off, only my motion sensor triggered a clip. No person detection because it was a smart alert.

I waited 5 minutes, turned standard motion alerts back on, and walked in front of the camera again. Lo & behold I got a person alert.

So if you have standard motion alerts turned on, I’d open a support ticket.

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my guess is the power supply. the pan cam uses a bigger supply ( im guessing to power for rotation) and by plugging a bridge into it it then needs more power than is being supplied. I’ve read a few posts on here about it going back and forth.

here is one where the user reports that Wyze support stated you would need a bigger power supply then what the pan cam came with. this was for an update, but that might have something to do with the issues you are having.

do you have a V2 camera you could try it in? if it works in a V2 and it works you know its not the bridge.

This appears to have been a network problem. I was running two routers one on each side of the house to get better Wi-Fi coverage. Before the update everything was working properly but didn’t after. I disconnected one of the routers and now everything appears to be working again even the personal detection. We will see if it continues. Regards and thanks to everyone who tried to help it was worth it.