Person toggle no longer persists through app closure and reopen

In the past, when I closed the app and reopened it, the Person filter on the Events tab would hold my previous selection. Now when I close the app and open it again, Person is always deselected.

This is consistent across iOS 15 and 16 for me and on multiple app versions (including latest public release), all on iPhone 12 Pro.

Log ID: 725649

My Person filter sticks, but my Pet filter does not stick/hold. It’s been that way for months. It’s a known problem and Wyze SAYS they are going to fix it. Sometime.

Is that on Android? I only have the Person option on iOS.

Yes it’s a bug. I noticed it a while back too , on IOS only person will be at the top and the rest won’t stay after closing app or being gone from the app for too long

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