Person not being detected when vehicle in frame

For a really long time now whenever I’m walking to and from my car my v3 will label the event as just vehicle.

When I go to submit the correct feedback , it just had vehicle tagged and never people .

The camera motion tags the person but never correctly identity’s the motion.

I have been submitting the correct feedback and tagging person but this has gone on for months now .


Mine has done this for a long time. The AI just doesn’t work as advertised and it certainly isn’t learning.

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Sometimes it feels like it’s learning , most of the time it acts as if it doesn’t even know what it’s doing

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The AI is not tagging AI “motion”. Motion is recorded by the cam when detected (where a user-defined threshold of pixels changing during a particular time in a particular area is considered “motion”), then that recording is sent to Wyze servers where each video frame is scanned for particular objects of interest, which, if found, will be tagged on the video data.

Nothing is tracking contiguous motion (yes, contiguous with a ‘G’) at any point, not even the initial event that triggers the cam to begin recording, and especially not any AI objects. These things essentially have no concept of object permanence, or even a rough model of such a thing. Each frame with an object in it is, by current tech, almost fully independent of every other frame. Rare is the consumer grade software that understands or cares that Bob is still Bob the entire time he’s walking from the left side of your yard to the right side. Rather, there are 200 frames of people detected, and you just happen to understand that all 200 of them are just Bob recorded at 20fps.