Person Detection wyze vam v2

Has anyone had an issue where the camera is still detecting person even though camera is off but plugged in?
Camera is still showing IRs even though it is still turned off.

Hello, I have several problems with the cam plus service of the v2 cameras. Delete events whenever you want. Stop detecting people from one moment to another. The cameras are unconfigured at any time. It does not generate the security of the service that I pay for and the one that they told me I would receive. wyze is a big disappointment.

Is this related to this topic?

Sorry your having issues.

Make sure your filters are cleared in the events tab. hit the hourglass icon and hit clear.

Are you sure you have the cooldown set to none on the cam?

what do you mean by “unconfigured”?

hello! I thank you for the answer. I think it is related, since the detection zone does not give alerts regarding a person and it is deleted from its established configuration. Beyond that, when I reconfigure it, it doesn’t detect people either. the filters are well placed. it also deletes the recordings sometimes weekly and other times at any time. They are not reliable. Cheers

Thanks for the answers, though I’m still having some trouble understanding. Your saying the detection zone is disappearing? There have been some reports of this.