Person Detection update not working

I would bet that something is not configured correctly in your settings, If you have the time and care to, perhaps you could upload a few screenshots of your motion settings.

I understand if you have had enough and would prefer not to, however, I would like to give it the ol college try as mine works flawlessly and there are a few settings that one needs to enable.


Make sure you have motion detection turned on, you won’t get person alerts without it.

Event Recording - detects motion - on
Notifications - person - on

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To further add to what @WyzeJasonJ suggests
ensure that:
On your phone in the wyze app
Tap the account tab
Tap wyze service
Tap person detection
The cams in question are all enabled.

One other question… are you using the RTSP firmware, person detection does not work on this firmware currently? if not what version are your cams on?

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I always forget about asking that

Also person detection doesn’t currently work on smart alerts (sensors that trigger recordings), or are considered reliable outside 20 feet.

@Ex70s & @WyzeJasonJ: No RTSP frimware, and I just went back and confirmed all the settings you guys listed. Newshound I don’t have any sensors and the camera is about 6 feet away from the target area.
Thanks for the replies but I am really stumped with this.

someone else asked, but did you ever get a chance to take some screenshots of your settings pages? there might be something in that that would pop out to someone. also, what is the environment like where your cameras is recording? can we see a picture of what your camera sees?


Yes, the no motion detection whatsoever confuses me. Love to see screen shots of:

Camera Settings > Event Recording
Camera Settings > Notifications
Camera Settings > Detection Settings
Camera Settings > Detection Settings > Detection Zone
Account > Wyze Service >Person Detection

The only other setting I can think of other than what has been mentioned is Camera Settings > Event Recording > Schedule > All day.


I am also not getting any notifications after the last update, restarted all my cameras and nothing, what happened? Is there a fix coming for this?

The team is aware of all the quirky behaviors in the new app, they are working diligently to get these issues resolved. Currently, to my knowledge, there are no server problems. The Holiday weekend has made this a very inconvenient problem for folks. Wyze Team is only asking everyone to be patient as possible until they find a fix.


No person detection here either, Worked yesterday morning then suddenly stopped. Rebooted and still inop.

Hi there. Is there any updates for this? 18d is the last post and nothing from the Wyze team. Great product but not having notifications and person detection working is a bummer.

the update is in beta right now. It’s looking pretty good on my end, and I think it’s working pretty well for other people. If all is going well it should be released fairly soon

Here are the screenshots of the settings pages. I just did the updates so I will report back if the new version solves the problem. Thanks!

Detection Zone Off

Has this worked for anybody now on Android with wyze app version 2.5.36 and firmware

Guess it’s super buggy so they’re not offering it.