Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

I sent the link you it’s a YouTube link or you can go online to YouTube and search for install external antenna on V3 camera it’s a older guy said at his desk and he has glasses on

Yo Chevy dude, I will post it on trips tips and tricks

I’m beginning to think that Wyze doesn’t do as much actually software writing as we think they do. We already know that most, if not all of the products are rebranded, some with minor hardware customization. However, it was thought that they write all the firmware and app software completely in-house. I’m thinking the bulk of that may also be done at whatever factory that makes the hardware as well. It would explain why they don’t seem to know how to implement new features or quickly fix problems.


I’ve seen reference to “the engineers in China” in another thread.

My notifications are back, but none of this is what I setup. I’m now getting motion detection notifications for two of my cameras. I only ever set those cameras up for person detection, but now I’m getting inundated (as of this morning) with plain motion detection notifications.

When I go to settings, I find I can only send notifications based on motion or sound. I am actually paying money for person detection (because I’m an idiot), so what gives? You make me pay for it then take it away? I don’t want notifications for all motion. I only want notifications when you detect a person, like you did when I bought the cameras many years ago.

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But those $20 toys are now being pushed as being good enough to be considered part of their security system. I haven’t had that kind of reliability or accuracy in notifications and IMHO if that is ok with them they are the last company I would consider for home monitoring.

Wyze Home Monitoring

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Take a close look at the settings in these screenshots. It doesn’t make sense but it’s working for me… only receiving person event notifications:

Note that things may change after this evening’s server maintenance.

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It worked on all of them and the change was immediate. I unassigned them from CAM Plus and then went into Person Detection (Pilot) and they were there to select. Thank you for your help.


As you see the option to control Person notification through the camera notification setting is gone. Apparently turning on Person Detection (Pilot) in services for a camera also automatically turns on the notification for people no need to turn on motion notification (you do have to turn on “event recording” motion), In other words if you turn on person detection (pilot) for a camera you would have to turn off notifications completely for the camera to prevent the person notification.

At least that is how it seems to be working today (tommorrow who knows)

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Mine too started working however I am no longer getting any of them pushed to my Apple watch. I have tried turning it on and off and restarting but it didn’t work. Anyone else have an idea? During the day I don’t carry my phone around with me at work most of the time so I rely on the notifications also going to my watch. Hopefully the reset tonight will help.

Thank you, that is not intuitive at all. We’ll see if this is better.

Whether they do it ‘in house’, contract it out to independent developers or have the hardware manufacturers do it the onus is on Wyze to insure that whatever is done (bug fixes, added functionality, etc.) is properly tested before general release - and if it doesn’t work then don’t release it. As it stands now my feeling (based on over 30 years IT development experience) is they are using a ‘general release’ as nothing more than an extended beta test.

I’m absolutely convinced they have no concept of proper regression testing.

(For those not familiar with that term ‘regression testing’ is insuring that even though the changes you intentionally made do work they do not have an adverse effect on what you didn’t change. In other words - “Did we break anything that was previously working?”.)

I’m currently running a version of the V2 firmware that’s at least 4 versions out of date because they ‘broke’ a function I use and still haven’t fixed it.

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I wouldn’t trust their home monitoring. Wyze couldn’t be bothered with acknowledging when person detection was down. How long would your home be unprotected before you found out?


So my alerts work now but I get all alerts and not just person detection?

Turn off motion in the camera notification options PD will still work

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I having the same issue. I have a camera that I want only push notifications when it is a person. I get push notifications for everything when set to motion and if I turn motion off I no longer get any push notifications from that camera.
It is identifying the correctly in events but I need the push notification just for person there is a road that when cars drive by there headlights set off the motion in the spot were I want it to catch the person.

Turning off motion worked for me (and others) as long as Person Detection (Pilot) is turned on for that camera.

Thanks for the info. Ill give it a shot. I might have turned it on when I wasn’t getting any notifications at all.

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