Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Agreed! I desperately want every cloud provider for hardware I spent money on to stay in business. My museum of orphaned devices needs no more occupants!

This whole thing has turned into a confusing mess of parsed words, betrayed expectations, bungled accounting and hurt feelings.

I believe the solution has to be simple and easy for everyone to understand and empathize with. Splitting users into classes is not going to achieve this.

We all know the claim of 1.3M users before the cut off. But what is that number now? And what will it be in the future if there are a lot of happy customers spreading the good word about Wyze vs a lot if disgruntled former users?

Even if this forum is a tiny minority, it sounds like a lot of us are security camera influencers. And it’s well known that a dissatisfied customer tells many more people than a happy one.


This picture ought to speak loudly. And I gave 3 cameras including my Pan away already. There are 8 Wyze cameras in this pic ( the all black one is hard to see). I cleaned up the drawer a bit too!

With shipping and tax that’s about 200 USD sitting in that drawer. I did not put them there for fun, or without good reason. The cameras replacing them were about twice as expensive and in several cases 5 times more expensive.

I would agree there are some issues with customer service to put it mildly. But people have grown to accept poor product performance as normal. So for every customer like me there are several hundred that just shrug and go on.


What did you decide to replace them all with? I’ve only tried out an Eufy 2K indoor so far as an alternative.

I plan to definitely keep Wyze sensors (contact and motion) and lights and plugs so far because the price is so awesome.


The Drawer of Broken Dreams.


I am inspired and comforted all at the same time.
My name is Dave. I have not purchased a new camera, SD card, Raspberry Pi or other gadget for two weeks.


I can handle the despair, it’s the hope that crushes me every time.

Please, please, please, provide pan position presets. The camera is simply named: Wyze Cam Pan. The implied promise in the 21st century is that I can position the camera to previously defined positions in one click from the initial live view display.

Don’t forget to add your vote to the link above. We’re up to 38 votes in 1 year 9 months. @WyzeGwendolyn are pan-resets on anyone’s radar?

Anyone have a Pan-Tilt camera they recommend?
I’m may just turn my Wyze Cam Pan in to a webcam.

I actually still have one Wyze cam still up. It sits in my spare room watching a window. :relaxed:

I have 3 Eufy 2K Indoor cams, one is the Pan & Tilt version and 1 Eufy 2 Pro as well as the Eufy battery Doorbell. I also bought a Logitech Circle View and an Argo to try.

I kept the Eufy’s and the Logitech and sent the Argo’s back.


The flat face on the Wyze Cam fits nicely against a window pane for looking out a window (IR lights OFF). No interior reflections. No night vision either. This is my “front door” monitor. (or a xiaomi xiofang with no PD for an even lower price)

@rbruceporter Can you disable the IR LEDs on the Eufy Pan? (I read a review complaining that that was not an option)

I had high hopes for Wyze automation: Outdoor deer detection, turn on sprinklers, ultra-sonic noise generator etc. I don’t see that in the cards any time soon.

You can disable the lights but doing so also disables night vision. Eufy has discussed the possibility of making the two functions independent of each other but so far that’s as far as it goes.

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Well, after completing a successful trial of Cam Plus, I decided to add an annual subscription to one of my cameras. Immediately, I stopped getting any Person Detection detections or notifications. Regular motion works fine.

I’ve confirmed that I have the latest firmware, rechecked the settings more than once, and … nothing. App version is 2.12.29.

Really not happy about paying more for less. :frowning_face:

If it’s not a function available on the original Xiaomi camera then I doubt it will be possible

WYZE is writing their own camera firmware so saved positions should be possible. No different than the saved waypoints for Pan Scan.

How do you know this?
Without evidence I would surmise that they just have the camera firmware and apps customised…,
It’s iPadOS app has the Chinese tendency to not support landscape mode. Yes it tries for some views but in my opinion fails miserably. I get the app display, sideways and sometimes upside down. Minimising the app and then maximising it’s cures some of the views.

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We need Person Detection indicators on our playback timeline overlay.


Yes I wish they had this!!

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  1. No motion should be one color.
  2. Person detection another color
  3. All other kinds of motion a third color.

(TinyCam does colors for different things, Eufy does color for no motion vs event (whatever your event settings are)


  1. Crying detection color/symbol; would make this a huge sell as an inexpensive baby monitor to send an alert if it detects crying like other cams can do (love this about Eufy). It would also let Wyze reach a bigger market with a wider funnel to capture more customers without even having to launch a different product for it. These kind of baby monitors are very popular!
  2. Other sound event color/symbol.
  3. Automation event color/symbol (ie: from motion sensor or contact sensor or something forcing the recording through a rule)
    Pet detection like others have (uh…not in the cloud though! maybe locally for a V3?)

ALSO with all these events:
Allow prioritization preferences for events that may have multiple labels…for example, if something has Person, motion, and crying it colors it as a person, or let someone else choose to have it labeled as Crying as their most important feature (basically allow selective prioritization so a person can choose what gets color labeled above other ones when a video falls into multiple categories).

Still, these are really all things for the wishlist, not this experiment thread…though it seems most of the wishlist gets ignored. Things voted on as highest demand by most customers for years in a row are repeatedly completely ignored for things that relatively very few people care about. Oh well.

A lot of the above is available on multiple competitors. Surprised Wyze has ignored it all these years despite 3rd parties doing it, tons of competitors having it, and lots of customers asking for this…instead, we get considering making heaters or some other new item.


Not able to add or edit cams now in Cam Plus. I have never been so disappointed in an update with Wyze products as this last one. I need to either add a cam to Cam Plus to keep an eye on my 97 very ill mother or edit one of the cams out and add this one. but obviously I can’t. I have tried on the Android, iphone and website I get no errors. I just can’t do it. This update has been nothing but a huge mess. And I barely get any help from CS as they “don’t know” I guess you don’t want my money? And yes I have latest firmware and app update. This gets worse every day. So far since this update I have place 15 tickets on various issues. And NOW you’re changing the price again? I’m being told that any cam added after the 30th of July to Cam Plus will be priced at $1.99 per cam even though that cam was on CMC before the first of the year? I’m sorry but that is really poor CS to do that. You can lose a lot of customers that way. You can’t promise one thing today and then change it the next day.

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you’re asking for quite a lot there… we’ve been asking for ANY event to be marked in playback for almost 2 yrs now.


This would be great!!

Also, the “free” (for now…) PD isn’t really usable in it’s current state. A shadow can trigger a motion event and then 30 people can run past the camera during the cooldown period and you won’t get any notifications.

It would be one thing if the cooldown was between PD notifications, but having it tied in to motion events ruins the feature and is not the same functionality as what it is meant to replace.