Person Detection that happens after 12 seconds

Newby to forum- I like the new person detection as it eliminates many false notices (eg garage light going out. ) -My Wyze cam is in the garage and it records the car coming in but the person does not appear until after 12 seconds, so a notice is not sent. From the SD card I can see the motion is being tracked but it only sends a person notice if they appear with 12 seconds. Thoughts?

The AI on the camera firmware evaulates each motion triggered event, which is 12 seconds long. If a person appears in those 12 seconds, it should then tag the event as seeing a person. Then there is a 5 minute “cooldown”.

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Thank you. I appreciate your quick reply. BG

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Does that mean motion detected will be reported when no person is visable? I ask because that is what I am seeing with one of my cameras set to person detection.

That is explained in the first paragraph on the page from the link I posted above. If that is not what you are experiencing, then Wyze would like to know. :slight_smile:

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