Person Detection Notifications through Fitbit Alexa App?

I have my Wyze account linked to Alexa. I can see that I can set up Person Detection notifications to be announced over my Amazon Dots. My Fitbit Versa is also linked to Alexa. Is there any way to get the Alexa app on my Fitbit to notify me of detect person events?

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Provided that your Fitbit is showing as an Alexa Voice device within the Alexa App, Build a routine in Alexa: When Smart Home “Wyze Cam” detects a Person, Alexa Announces or Alexa Says “Your Custom Phrase” on “Alexa Fitbit Device”. If the Fitbit isn’t a voice device, you can try to use the Notification action, but I think that may be only to send notification to your phone. The issue will be how Alexa deals with the Fitbit.

Don’t think it’s a voice device, no speaker. You can probably get alerts. I get notifications from my YoLink stuff on the Fitbit. I don’t have any alerts from Wyze activated but will see if I can test that.

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So, just back from a shopping trip to town and can confirm that I get person and vehicle notifications on the fitbit. Had to change the notification settings in the FitBit app and on the iPhone, but it does work.