Person Detection Back Door Cam

My cams have been setup for a couple days now and i noticed the cam at my back door will pickup cars out on the cross street but isn’t Detecting people in my driveway or cars entering my driveway?!? I get tons of notifications about passing cars but haven’t gotten 1 for people entering my driveway or my back door HELP!!!

The cameras will only send one alert every 5 minutes. That lasts 12 seconds without an SD card. So if a car drives by and triggers the 5 minute cooldown, you’ll miss the alert on the next event. Pretty limiting.

If you have an SD card on continuous recording, it will record events but not necessarily send an alert. Hopefully they will allow us to trigger more alerts and longer events in the future. Maybe with some local storage instead of relying on their cloud services.


Here is a guide to be sure you have everything set up properly

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I adjusted my sensitivity and the detection zone for unwanted alerts like cars passing by frequently. It does help some and you have to play around with different settings for the best results. Also, you have the option to turn off “All Other Motion” and leave the “Person” turned on. This helps to reduce excessive notifications. Since the cameras were designed for indoor use only, they don’t always work as expected outside. I have two v2 cams outdoors and both meet my needs to keep an eye on things when I’m not home. The 5 min cool down does create the biggest problem trying to catch every person that appears in your driveway. As WayneLuke mentioned these cams do have their limits. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks i just learned that from a co worker who also has them!