Person Detection Appears Down

I am still on the original Person Detection under camera settings. Still running firmware on both cameras. I did see under my Account where it shows the service and people detection is On as well. After rebooting the camera this morning, it is now recording the person detection (which it was not doing before), however no notification was received. Thoughts?

Not sure what’s happening. Person Detection, neither new or old, worked for me in conjunction with CMC. In fact I ended my CMC subscription in favor of Person Detection.

I was always under the impression the two were not compatible. I would open a support ticket and see what Wyze has to say.

This is an old (5 months ago) article on CMC and Person detection that seems to indicate they do work together ( at least the original version ) provided a person is detected in the first 12 seconds.

Thank you for the article. I will keep an eye on it today and then submit a ticket if it doesn’t start working properly. Thanks!

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Having same issue!

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Same here, person detection stops working as soon as I subscribed to CMC.

Secondly, in the past I was able to submit a confirmation to tell AI if it’s truly a person or not so it improves the detection better in the future. But now the functionality is gone, you are UNABLE to tell the AI if it’s a false alarm (not person).

The new Wyze Person Detection has known issues with CMC. It appears to be an either/or situation at the moment.

It’s a shame, i will need to stop my subscription because of that key feature (person detection).

I cancelled mine as well. I am sure they will eventually get it nailed but no sense paying until then.

I’m not sure I’m following correctly or not, but I believe I’m having the same problem with my can pan that I really have as part of an essential security system. It’s running CMC W/ MD but even when it picks up a person in the first second or two it never ever registers as a person, only as motion. I don’t believe it has detected a person once since I turned on person detection, but my inside cameras, the cubes, work fine with person detection as much as 75% of the time. The rest of the time it’s saying my dog is the person. Some days I’d agree

Person detection and CMC are currently not working together, to get it to flag as a person you must disable CMC. They are working on getting this fixed but currently that is the only option.

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Thanks very much. .

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Glad to help