Pepe' Le Pew & Friends

The ACME manufacturing plant on the other side of town.

This WOC is attached to a tree branch with a zip tie.

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Odd event trigger, never seen anything like that before.
Went outside to investigate and there was a deer that ran off…

Deer Fart?
The deer ran off to the left, so it was the southern end of deer towards camera🤣

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Haha. You can go back in the live feed and see if the deer was walking around before that.

:deer: image

I guess this guy :raccoon: didn’t want to get his suit full of mud crawling under the gate as usual. He came across neighbors front fence and down my side fence.

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The :raccoon: :raccoon: gang will have to start going under the corner back yard fence again since repairs are completed.

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You are very, very bad man for making the gang work harder :rofl:

They will probably go through the trench they already dug under the older section to the left. At least it is not near a post.

Now you’ll need to make the rest of the fence to match the solid part.

Maybe in another 10 years :rofl: The entire old section is still solid for now we checked all the post, rails and boards. California Law states that the property owners on the other side of the fence are required to pay 50% of the cost (Good Neighbor Law) but they have been avoiding me. :heavy_dollar_sign:
Mother nature will make it all look the same in a few years.

I know, I only meant that you didn’t reverse the planks like with the other sections. My mother, here in Calif, has good neighbors and both on two sides always pay their halves. I think they’ve only changed them out maybe twice since since they move there in 1972.

No payment no reverse. All my other fences are alternating sections because the other neighbors paid up or I paid them. :upside_down_face:

Never tell a professional Burgle Trash Panda what they can or can’t do…they’ll go over the top just to defy you, and when they do, you need to post a retraction, and a sincere apology…including bonus food left out.


Ohh good idea.

I think they may have a plan? :rofl:

13 hours of recordings of a spider’s :spider: life line. :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

I just had one that self-cleared. Love when that happens! :+1:

Quick drink of water and on the road again.

@TomG @bryonhu He’s back :astonished: Come and get your buddy and while you are at it take the Rat that came by also.