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A Tale of 3 Squirrels


I trapped two more squirrels earlier in the day. I drove them both to the same drop off point as the two I caught yesterday. I figure if I can trap two a day for a week or so I just might start to thin the population around here. My silly neighbors with the corn are not helping matters. I wonder if they know squirrels have two litters a year that consist of 2-5 per litter?

1st squirrel of the day

2nd squirrel of the day

Put the neighbors in a cage and relocate them :corn: :corn:


None of these techniques work with spotted lantern flies. :frowning:


They are making babies faster than we can ‘relocate’ them.

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Had some apples that were going bad. Wife told me to put them on the wall.

This is a v3 connected to a 32000 mAh power bank.
Will we be visited by Pepe’, Rocky Raccoon, or perhaps a relative of Petronella?

My vote is on Rocky.

Not that skunks and possums don’t climb at all, but raccoons have that ADHD-like superpower going on to where I think they are most likely to discover them up on the wall.

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Reminds me of that song from the Beatles called “Rocky Raccoon”

I put some apples out for the :raccoon: :raccoon: about 6 months ago and they just sniffed them and kept on walking.?
A least they are polite, they dug a latrine in the back corner of my back yard and left all their land mines :poop: :poop: :poop: all in one spot that I had to rake up today. :grin:

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There are 12 pieces of apple. Rocky came by around 2:00 this morning. He was considerate and only took one.


i think he’s trying to find Gideon’s bible. He was given that moniker so as to not to confuse him with Rocket J. Squirrel.


This guy only got one snack because he tipped the water bowl over again yesterday.

And Carolus Ludovicus (Charles Louis) :raccoon: is getting to fat to use the stairs. :rofl:

Yes! I got it right! I win!

…wait…what do I win?


There are 2 pieces of apple left. Rocky didn’t bring the clan last night.


Ahhh!!! Get it away! I’m sorry, I’ll never win again!
I bet it’s alive when you’re not looking.


I had two ‘Fly Magnet’ traps in the back yard. A powder that smells like death is mixed with warm water. These get full, and require a strong stomach when dumped. The flies are attracted to the odor but due to the design of the trap, they can’t get out. The fly dies, and contributes to the decay.

Usually I dump them in the field behind our house. This time I dumped them on the wall with the apples.

Perhaps one or more of our critters will consider this a delicacy.

It stinks in our back yard. My wife hasn’t been out there yet. :grimacing::roll_eyes:

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I have one of those next to my chicken coop. Yup, they stink pretty bad. It caught a lot of flies though.

For tonight’s meal, we have open faced rotten apples, Gardettos garlic chips, pretzels, Kirkland popcorn served with wild bird feed on a delicately seasoned bed of dead flies.


You are too good to them :joy:

Reminds me of that GEICO commercial, “oh my god this is horrible you gotta try it”

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Caught one of these little guys trying to steal some of my cats food on the porch, the other night .