Pepe' Le Pew & Friends

A neighbor’s cat has been stealing all the :raccoon: :raccoon: snacks I put out except the marshmallows so all they get is dessert :neutral_face:

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The Chinese know how to control their raccoon population

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And don’t forget the Bats and everything else that flies, crawls, walks, slithers or swims. I like Chinese food, I just don’t ask what it is or what’s in it. :rofl:

Another squirrel trapped and sent on a 10+ mile road trip. Again, I think this one knew better, but once it got a taste of almond it had to go back in for more.

Squirrel #9 relocated

Well since gas here in California is still over $5.00/gal I’m not taking the squirrels around here for any joy rides. :grin:


Holy crap, check out the size of this Cottontail rabbit. Now that it is cooler outside the rabbits are back on my porch at night. I hadn’t seen one for months up until this week.

Jigiganormis Cottontail


Gas prices around here are around $3.19, but other areas in N.C. are around $2.98.

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I’m in the country and we get them all the time, usually between dusk and morning hours. They like the clover.

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They seem to like hiding behind my privacy fence and munching on whatever fell from the birdfeeder. With that said, last winter I caught them hanging out on my porch almost night. That was well before I hung the birdfeeder in March of this year.

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Rabbits don’t get free rides ? :laughing:
Gas here went from $5.03 yesterday to $5.19 today, no animal rides !

Any critter stupid enough to get trapped gets a free ride. My trap has peanut butter and broken almonds in it. Either rabbits are too smart, too big, or not interested in the bait. So far only mice, squirrels, and chipmunks have been trapped.

For the record, the least expensive gas near me is about 20 miles away. I find myself in that city (Hastings Minnesota) every once and awhile. Last week, when I filled up there, gas was $3.18 a gallon. There are three or four stations within a quarter mile of each other that are constantly having a price war. I fill up at the mom and pop station that is likely the root of the price war. Screw the big corporations…

Gas, cash, or Easter grass, nobody rides for free?


I finally got another chipmunk. Hopefully I won’t continue to trap two to three squirrels for each chipmunk! He wasn’t in the trap too long and has been relocated to a heavily wooded area about 4 or 5 miles away. The trap has been reset and is awaiting another.

It is kind of tough to see him enter the trap. He is easily seen chowing on seed from the birdfeeder when a squirrel pushes him over to my neighbors porch. Soon thereafter he crawls back to my side and enters the trap. He doesn’t go in too far and finds a chunk of almond to munch on. He finishes that bit and goes deeper into the trap for more. He finally steps on the trigger plate, which slams the trap door on him. Yes, one down and who knows how many more to go…

Chipmunk trapped

It has been a busy morning relocating critters. The trap had been set for far less than an hour when a squirrel couldn’t resist the scent of almond.

Tree rat relocation program

Just set up a shuttle bus scheduled for every 30 minutes :bus:
Or make a deal with the Governors of Texas and Florida for frequent relocation flights. :airplane:


No joke! I ran out of almonds so used a cashew when rebaiting the trap. Again, well under an hour later and had another squirrel. I’m done for the day and won’t be resetting the trap until tomorrow. The last three squirrels were all dropped off in the same location. Maybe they’ll all regroup and build a nest together?

2nd squirrel relocated today

#1. Cashews are not to be wasted on Squirrels :grin:
#2. I hope they all regroup and return in full force with some new friends, it will give you something to do. :rofl: :rofl:

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I sure hope driving them over 10 miles away prevents them from coming back! My neighbors that live a quarter block away have corn out for the deer. I was chatting with her the other week when she told me that they have about 20 squirrels living in one of their trees. I need to look into how often they reproduce. Either way, I’m sure I’ll be relocating several more yet this year.

I can spare one cashew per trapped critter. Again, not going for squirrels, but it is what it is at this point.

A bit of comic relief as this squirrel tried to eat from a chipmunk snap trap. The trap has yet to catch a thing, but it does offer some entertainment from time to time.

Squirrel high jump

That was funny, but nothing beats a squirrel launcher.

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