Pay what you want keep it simple

First of All if you guys want more users you need to keep jargon to a minimum and not assume that everyone can track your messaging.
Pay what you want is a great concept if you can make one time no commitment payments as often as the user wants to contribute or based on periodic reminders to send in what you can.
Most of what gets recorded is useless but person detection might resolve that problem… The key to usable alerts is that they must not be false otherwise the alert system is useless . Many of us can only spend time adjusting and tweaking intermittently and as such it might take several months to get the correct settings .
I like the SD card upgrades with alerts and i would like to be able to have both or just the SD card and i dont know what will happen if I opt in to your new program. I am waiting for when large micro sd formats will work on my cameras… this would make the cameras much more useful and I would be most likely buying more of them but also I probably would not be needing the cloud although I need the sophisticated alert features while using the SD card and I dont know if they only work on the cloud.
No one seems to know any of this for sure and this leaves me in a quandary.
Official response would be appreciated

We just acquired a license to an exFAT patent and will officially support microSDXC cards bigger than 32GB! This is already included on the latest Wyze Cam v3 firmware and will be coming to the rest of our cameras in their next firmware updates.

Without the cloud there would be a 5-minute cool down between notifications and the notifications come through the cloud so most likely you would need the cloud for what you are looking for in your use case.