Pause (snooze) notifications for user-chosen period on a per camera basis

Yeah, this is a complete swing and a miss by Wyze. This is not what anyone was asking for, and the functionality doesn’t even make sense to snooze everything from an entire app (again, iOS users have been able to do this for a while anyway via iOS). Wyze needs to take a look at whoever is writing up the requirements for these features. Just when I was excited that Wyze was actually doing something its customers wanted for once. I’m certainly not holding my breath for actual smart home integration any time soon… or really at all for that matter, and Wyze cams will remain novelty items for me, not part of home security or a smart home.

I don’t think this item should be marked as “granted” and should be reset back to “ignored for 5 years”. Again, this isn’t what anyone was asking for. It should be re-opened, and proper requirements should be written. Here’s a start for you…

  • Ability to snooze notifications PER CAMERA.
  • Snoozing notifications should disable notifications for the specified device, for the specified period of time (ex: 30 mins, 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr).
    • All other devices that are not snoozed should continue to send notifications
  • While notifications are snoozed, device should still record events per device settings (without the notification being sent)
  • iOS Actionable Notifications to snooze notifications
    • User should be able to press and hold a notification to quickly set a snooze period
    • Tapping an option of (30 mins, 1 hr, etc) should set the snooze period for the device in which the notification originated from
    • If Android has similar functionality, I’m sure those users would appreciate it as well

Again, I’ll provide an example of how all my Ring cameras integrate this, which is what I would consider an ideal integration and functionality:


Well stated


I also agree 100%. It’s hard to believe that all the requests for this feature have resulted in this useless mess. As a former program manager at another local company, I’m appalled at the lack of planning.


@WyzeJasonJ Can we reset this one back to “ignored”? This certainly is not “granted”, and I don’t think it would be fair to open a new ticket to get the requested functionality when this one has been open for 5 years and obviously has support for the requested feature.


“… and obviously has support for the requested feature.”

Really?? The original request was to “Pause notifications for 10, 30, 60, 120 mins. When someone is home on a monitoring day, would like to pause the alerts to that camera.”

It is sad that this ticket has taken 5 years and still doesn’t address the request that numerous customers have made.


I’m saying the ticket has support for the requested functionality (ie: a lot of people want this and it’s standard functionality for other cameras)… and should be re-opened rather than opening a new ticket for what should have been done in the first place. Otherwise a new ticket would have to start all over again, get ignored for another 5 years, then maybe they’ll add a ‘zzz’ icon to it and call it done again. This original ticket should be re-opened and maybe by year 12 they’ll get it implemented.

The implementation fell flat on it’s face and didn’t meet any requirements, that’s extremely clear. Read above, I’m obviously not a fan, nor is anyone else. I don’t know how any “technology” company implemented this and thought it was a good idea and met any of the requirements… it honestly is baffling, but it’s what most people have come to expect from Wyze unfortunately. I wanted to like these cameras so bad, but its pretty clear they’re certainly not a technology or smart home company, and it seems like mine will stay in the drawer until they become completely irrelevant.


This wish was not granted. Please take the time to understand what people are requesting: Pause a specific camera so that it does not send out notifications for a specified number of minutes. Either (a) your system is designed such that this is a difficult or impossible feature to implement or (b) or your business analysts are not bothering to read and understand what customers are asking for (and why they need it). If (a) is the case then please let us know and we can end this frustration. Come on … as several people in this thread have stated, RING has had this feature forever.


Is Wyze seriously just going to ignore all of this and call this a “granted” wish? What a flippin joke of a company Wyze is.

I am taking the feedback to the team, it is a lot more work to do it on an individual device basis.


I may be wrong, but I think the notification issue is specific to Wyze cameras. That shouldn’t be that much harder. And it really is important to your camera customers.

And it was also laid out pretty clearly in the original request/requirements. What was implemented really makes no sense and seems like a pretty cheap cop out. It’s sad this approach was taken because implementing what was requested and is pretty standard functionality in other cameras is “a lot more work”. Seems like Wyze really isn’t interested or capable of devoting the necessary resources to improve their products, and kind of seems like the dev team is some guy working in his free time on the weekends.

Personally I will never use what was implemented and continue to mute via iOS, as it’s much simpler, much more convenient, and does exactly the same thing. Its pretty surprising and somewhat alarming this made it through what I assume is at least a small team of people.

At the very least can we update this so it’s not “granted”? Because that is certainly not the case.

I have moved it out of granted and edited the title, I will see if this is something they can achieve before doing the app rewrite or not. Due to the way the current app is put together a lot of the items are difficult to do.

I am a programmer, and at least in the android version there is a bell icon in the top right, and when clicked it says “Turn off push notifications” and lists various time and “Custom” and “Cancel”.

Is this the “new” feature?

If so, then I’m assuming:

  1. When the user makes a selection from this pop-up list, that selection is then sent to the [wyze] cloud server and the app bell icon changes to a bell with a clock face on it.
  2. The server code was modified to see if this new “snooze” feature is currently active (it checks to see if the “snooze until” time has pasted or not), and if it is active, then it aborts (skips) sending the notification to the user’s app.

If I got the above right, then I alone could have written the code for that “new” feature in less than 1/2 a day, so I don’t know why it took years to implement.

Anyway, here’s how you can easily add this feature on a device-by-device basis…

  1. Instead of having a single bell icon located in the top right corner of the app, add a separate bell icon next to each “ON” button for each camera on the homepage of the app.
  2. When the user clicks the icon, have it display the same list of snooze options. And when the user selects one of the options, send that option to the cloud server along with the cooresponding device’s name.
  3. Then modify the cloud server code so that it can accept more than one “snooze” setting - so it can store a separate snooze time for each device.
  4. Then when a new device notification is suppose to be sent to the users app, it will first see if there is currently an active snooze filter setup for the device that the notification is for. And if there is NOT a currently active snooze settings (meaning a snooze filter was not setup or that the last snooze setting expired), then it will send the notification to the user’s app. However, if there is an active snooze filter setup for that device, then the notification is aborted (skipped).

So when you say “it’s a lot more work”, it really should be maybe another full day of coding (of a single developer) to do it.

Hope to see this new “separate snooze per device” feature added real soon, especially because the developer that recently added the current snooze feature already has everyting fresh in his mind, so he can jump back in with minimum recall of how everything works and can implement these new changes in rapid time - so it’s critical that he starts working on these changes right away and not start a month from now because then it will just take them longer to “get up to speed” with how everything works again.

P.S. In addition to adding this snooze-per-device bell icon for each device, you could actually leave the current “global” snooze bell icon at it’s current location for those user’s that would like a snooze for all devices. This way users can choose which type of snooze they want, global or a per-device.

I don’t know what they did, but it did not take years to implement. Things do not get started on the second they hit the wishlist. This was also one of the things being held for when they rewrite the app. When they had to delay the rewrite they tried to start with the easiest things to implement to make the app better. This was one of those easy things as you just mentioned.

I also understand what you say to implement the other part but it isn’t as easy because of the way the app was originally written.

Edit: There is also an AMA with app and firmware engineers on Tuesday March 9 from 2-3 PT, you can ask them more in depth questions on what the difficulty is.


Can we please get the snooze feature for selected cameras (not just for all devices), sometime soon? I understand the complexity of this with the Wyze app engineers, but like others have said…seems like such a generic feature that others like Ring have had for a long time! Thank you! :pray:t2::nerd_face:


Please add the ability to snooze notifications directly from iPhone Lock Screen. hold notification when it brings up the thumbnail and underneath bring up option to snooze for 30 mins or 1 hour.

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I agree. Like Ring doorbell where if you have contractors working at your house, going in and out. You can simply go into the ring app and snooze motion detection for 30 minutes up to six hours. On weekends when I’m working in my garage, I don’t want to get constant notifications about motion in my garage. Currently, I have to mute them, but then I forget to re-enable them. It would be nice if I could just snooze, the motion alerts for 30 minutes to a few hours during the time I’m working in the garage. At the end of the period, it would automatically re-enable notifications for motion.


Recently installed a couple of battery cams and a flood cam pro for some elderly friends of mine. I shared their cams with my account to make sure everything is working as expected and my phone has been absolutely blowing up with notifications. I turn my cameras off when I’m home via a smart plug so I forgot how noisy Wyze can be.

They want notifications and motion detection on all the time. We discussed various options but that’s where we ended up. Even if we were to disable notifications during the day I still get slammed with pet notifications all night long due to the flood cam pro detecting “pets” on the deck (raccoons).

As a DevOps engineer I’ve set up and managed numerous monitoring systems. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s critical to tweak the monitoring system such that almost any notification goes out is important and actionable. If there are dozens or 100s of junk notifications a day then that one notification that needs action is gonna get lost in the noise or ignored.

Take the above screenshot for example. To me it makes sense to only notify once over a period of time for the same criteria (pet, person, etc.) not over and over again like it does now. I could see having a setting that says “only notify every N minutes per event type” at the very least. So instead of getting numerous pet events I get one. But then say it then detects a person so now it’s pet + person, then notify again.

Personally I would love have notifications configurable similar to how our monitoring system does it:

  • Notify once on state change: pet detected, pet + person, etc.
  • Possibly notify once on resolution of said state change e.g. “pet no longer detected”.
  • Detect too many state changes over a period of time and squelch notifications until this stops. This prevents “pet detected, pet no longer detected, pet detected” situations.
  • Only notify again if the state change isn’t acknowledged and only after a period of time.
  • Allow us to disable notifications for a period of time. Looks like we have this now. I would like to be able to disable motion detection for a period of time too.

At the very least I think having a notification cooldown would be reasonable like I said. “Only notify once per N minutes.” That would probably be pretty easy to implement too but looking back through the previous few months of posts and considering that this topic is five years old I don’t have high hopes that any of this will get done any time soon.


I totally agree with you and said similar in this thread.

I’d suggest starting a new thread. This thread seems to be stuck on requesting just a very basic snooze feature. My comments similar to yours were lost in the very long thread of people demanding a snooze. Wyze is never going to see what I said.

Really, Wyze has long failed to adequately implement even that poor bandaid for their problem of high rates of false alarms. They implemented something fast and substandard, and we have no indication that they plan yo fix it.

Many of us feel that after all this time we have no option but to give up expecting a Wyze solution and move to other platforms. (Hoping that those platforms do better.)

It’s clear that Wyze responds to even the simplest and most glaring of these requests slowly and poorly if at all, and that seems unlikely to change.


Is there a way to just get notified when a feature is completed? I’ve given up on Wyze being responsive, or implementing features that have been requested in any kind of timely manner. For example this feature request of a VERY basic feature has been open since November of 2018. Honestly the Wyze cameras aren’t even usable in their current state. Mine are sitting in a drawer (the ones that haven’t already been bricked by firmware updates). I really have no hope of Wyze becoming a viable camera system, or implementing necessary features any time soon. I don’t need the noise in my inbox in the mean time. In the very off chance this ever does get implemented though, it would be nice to know. In the meantime I’m not interested hearing anything else about Wyze.