Password reset with a cam being shared

This has been probably asked before so apologies in advance! I have moved from a few roommates and changed the password in the app to access the account. Is this enough to remove access from the app for the cameras shared that are on my account so the roommates can no longer access the feed? (Also I have the cameras on a new WIFI access point).

Thank you in advance!!!

Were they accessing your account, or did they have their own accounts that you shared the cameras with? If you shared the cameras with people with their own account, you still need to remove the sharing. In the app, go to Account > Sharing. You can see what is shared and with whom, and you can remove sharing. If you changed your account password, that would keep them out if they were accessing your account.
BTW, if the cameras were flashed for RTSP, you may want to change the RTSP user name and password also.