Password reset codes sent after password reset verification email

Have tried to re3set the password many times. We get a password reset email but never the four digit code in the separate email.
The Wyze customer service Is poor at best.
I have reached out and they continue to send the same canned emails without reading what is sent to them.
Yes…search spam and junk mails, tried with iPhone app and on the website, tried different browsers and more.

I registered about a year ago and I haven’t had to use the password reset feature, but if you’re still having issues I can try resetting my password and see if the process itself works. It seems odd that it would require confirmation with codes from a second email when the first email with reset link should be enough to verify your email, but again I haven’t used it :slight_smile:

Hi and Thanks…

The PW reset works for me and other guys. For the guy I working with for…he gets the reset link but never the four digit code which comes in a second email. He has hotmail email.


Is there a chance the email with the code is getting sent to a spam or junk mail folder?


And I mentioned that in my post

You’re right, I missed that. (I read a LOT of posts, so it happens sometimes) :slight_smile: