Parents! - Infant bedroom door opens - what to trigger

As a parent, I’m concerned that my infant may leave his room at night or during his nap and start wandering about the house. I’ve setup an open/close sensor on his bedroom door, but not sure yet what to trigger on open/close. Any thoughts from other parents who have tried to setup similar automations?

Related - I also have some Wyze plugs, motion sensors available to help with the automation.

I really wouldn’t trust technology for this application.

Besides getting a notification on your phone or a Wyze band for the open close sensor, you could have it trigger a small buzzer alarm tied to a wyze plug. Hopefully the future doorbell chime or V3 siren will eventually allow for a similar use. If you have a Wyze bulb in your bedroom you could also have it trigger to turn on.

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  • You can always make it turn on a light/lamp to wake you up.
  • If you have Alexa, I’d just put one in your room and set up a routine to have Alexa announce something to you, or do something whenever that sensor opens between certain hours.
  • You can also have Google assistant devices broadcast messages for an open sensor, though it’s a little more complicated. I wrote a little walkthrough some time ago for some things I did to make Google Assistant broadcast messages using Tasker:
  • Some people (including myself) have had luck using the “Light Flow” app to make their phones watch for specific notifications (toddler door sensor opened) and give custom alerts or feedback from their phone, including an alarm, playing a specific audio file, text to speech alert, etc.

Those are all assuming you don’t just want to use one of those toddler-proof doorknobs or something instead, and not have to worry about a tech solution that could fail if you lose internet or there is a server issue. How terrible would that be to rely on a sensor that stops working and you have no idea and your child does something to get hurt without you knowing because of a connection issue? If you go with a more reliable non-digital approach, I have family who have liked and used all of the following (no affiliate income links used):

Good luck in your decision. I have a 5.5 month old and will probably need to start implementing some infant proofing myself really soon. I’ll probably go with a combined approach myself…failsafes and all that. One nice thing about the new V2 sensors they’re shipping within the next couple of months, is that they can still sound alarms/siren even if the power and internet go out, so they will be way more reliable than these V1 sensors for really important things like this, and they’re only about $7 each to add new ones (not counting the cost of the initial hub/starter pack).


There is already a wireless device designed for this job. :grinning:


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This is great! Thank you.

This is great! Thank you.

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