Panning/rotation dead after a few hours?

I set it up last night, everything was great, working just as advertised. Woke up this morning and tried it again. The panning/rotation are totally dead. No response at all from the app. No sound of the motor even trying to turn. I unplugged the USB power and plugged back in. It does the start up routine, the camera tilts up and down, but no longer rotates even during the initialization. Again, no sound.

Any ideas? Could this be something from the new firmware? I have a hard time believing the motor just spontaneously decided to die overnight when it wasn’t being used…



I’m a novice at this so somebody might have a better idea, but I realized that I hadn’t seen mine move for a while and went in and waved my hand in front of it and it didn’t move. So I went into the app Live Stream and touched “More” and then touched “Motion Tracking” and it started to move again. I’m pretty sure I didn’t purposefully turn it off, but somehow it happened. I don’t see anything that indicates that motion tracking is either on or off–it just either tracks or not as I touch the button multiple times.


I turned motion tracking back on and suddenly it was fixed.

Thanks for the suggestion.