PAN - Why is SD card recording on triggered event, when no event schedule is in effect?

I have an event schedule that is set for 5:01 AM to 5:02 AM. As expected, no events trigger, notify or are sent to the cloud outside those times.

Yet, The SD card (set to event only) records ANY motion or activity all the time, Thoughts?

Sched event 3
Sched event 2

Local storage (sd card) and cloud storage are Independant of eachother. The settings of one do not effect the other. There is no scheduled of local storage, it’s either enabled or disabled. In your photo it’s set to events only. Your cloud recording can be set to a schedule, and the schedule in your photo applies to your cloud storage only.


omgitstony, Tnx for the reply. So if I understand this correctly, it is functioning as designed?

Also as a side question, because all of my cameras are set this way, I am concerned about excessive network traffic on my LAN.

You say the camera(s) record directly to the SD card independent of the cloud triggered events. Is there ANY network traffic associated with the SD card recording? Obviously there is with the cloud events. But I would like to know about SD card recording only.

Is there a means of looking at the SD card without internet access and without removing it from the camera? IE can I view the SD card if I am on the same subnet as the camera but WITHOUT internet access? Did I phrase this question so it is understandable?


I don’t believe so other than viewing Playback.

Nope, currently you need to remove the card, or view playback through the app.

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