Pan V3 going offline

thanks so much for the link to that post! Excellent information.

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Another day the Pan V3’s stayed online all day more or less, only noticed 1 time…these Pan seem to be severely effected if I use my microwave. But that’s not what I wanted to say even tho it may be the result of an underlying issue.

I thought more about this and remembered I had turned down the motor speed and sensitivity, just before the whole ordeal with the bulb cam which was just an anomaly I had noticed. Now having went back and tested, turning the motor and sensitivity back up resulted in cameras dropping out. Turned them back down and it seems to be able to regulate itself better.

Which reminded me of when I watched the tear down of the Pan V3. They pointed out that it seemed they were using an odd chip to possibly power the motors. I’ve not dug into this at all yet. But it could be worth looking more into. And if I had to guess regardless of what this chip is, this issue does seem to be power related.

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