Pan v3 error 90

Just checked mine has the 27 error now. It has been off for awhile now.

Just to add powering off and on doesn’t fix it. What junk. I think we need to get a class action going on this.

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I’m on day 14 since I plugged mine into a timer. Hasn’t gone offline since. I think I was about 10 days in when they rolled out the last firmware update. I need to plug it back in direct to the outlet to see if that did anything.

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Camera still remains down with now error 27. I can’t get it to come back online. Reset and power off and on doesn’t work. I no longer recommend Wyze and I’ve been loyal from the start. This is the worst I’ve been treated by a company with there “product” that I can remember. Very disappointed.

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Latest firmware didn’t help with error 90 issue. So, I installed a timer to turn both my Cam Pan 3’s off for 10 min. just before midnight, First time since purchasing these cameras that they haven’t failed giving me the dread error 90. It’s been four days now without an issue I’m hopeful that the streak will continue.

(Update) It’s Been several more days on the timer for my two Cam Pan v3’s and still no error 90! Never did have any error 27 on my cameras.

Hi @skierbri10, sorry that the device went with an error 27 and stopped working.

  1. May you please submit a log and share the log ID with me as a reply here so that I can pass it to the team for a further investigation?
  2. May I start a replacement for you and collect back your defective device with error 27?
  3. To share more, we see an improvement on the error 90 issue from the general Pan v3 usage data after releasing the firmware version ending in 3762. But the current results have yet to reach the most desirable status, and our team is still working on it. We are planning to release a new firmware addressing this issue around the mid-April. Please give us a little bit more time. We are on it. Many thanks!

Hi @talkanderson, are you also encountering the issue that power cycle does not reset or work? If that is the case, may I restart an replacement for you?

Are you saying that after purchasing four of these v3 pan cameras when they came out, I have to wait until mid-April for (possibly) working firmware?! That is unacceptable. These v3 Pans have so many different issue I don’t know where to begin. First error 90, now error 27, they forget where "home " is on the pan, they don’t playback properly from the micro-SD cards… all four of them.
The V2s and V3s never did this. What happened to this company?


So with you on this. I’m having soooo many issues with this V3 pan cam. So frustrated that they continue to sell these KNOWING they don’t work! :rage:


Dear all, whoever watched and subscribed to this topic, I have some updates to share about this issue.

First of all, we are sincerely sorry that the Pan v3 got you so many error-90 that need your reset to make it work again, which causes lots of inconveniences. We have never stopped investigating this issue ever since it first occurred.

For the past few weeks, we have confirmed that this is a pure software issue (through one more round of hardware tests) and can be addressed with firmware updating. We have identified that this connection issue is caused by introducing a new set of codes that help improve our system security. Our team is working hard on screening the problem and maintaining the security level for our new product. Also, we have identified another SD card fail-to-record issue that is highly likely related to this. We are all on it. Our new schedule is to provide the new firmware version in our beta program by around mid-April. Once the effectiveness of solving this issue has been verified, we will publish it to the public. Usually, we need 2-4 weeks of beta testing before the public release. Please give us more time on this; our whole team is trying to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we fail to catch this issue through the testing stage. The network environment can be much more complex after our user group expands. We will be more careful and expand the usage scenarios diversity of our test group in future product development cycles to ensure we can catch issues in an early stage as possible as we can. Sincerely sorry that this issue has made you feel like you are doing a beta test for a paid product. We will try our best to make up for this.

  1. I will post and let you know once we have the new firmware ready.
  2. I will provide more data timely to let you know how much the new firmware has improved.
  3. For those who have your devices encountered the error-27 and stopped working even after a power cycle or reset, please reply to me, and I will offer help and support as much as I can.

Again, greatly appreciate your patience and support on Wyze!


Thanks for the transparency.


This is the type of transparency I love, including anticipated ETAs. Thank you WyzeXiZ. Glad to hear it is confirmed that it can be fixed with a firmware update while still maintaining the extra security.


What about the issue with the SD card returning to a date of 1969? Any update on that issue?

Can you get us a log and share the log ID with me as a reply here? So that I can pass it to the development team and raise its priority to have a check. Thanks!


I have signed up for the Wyze Cam Pan V3 beta test but I don’t see any instructions for upgrading the firmware. I signed up a few hours ago. I am using a SD Card not the online service. How can I get the Beta test firmware? is the current PanV3 Beta in testing.

Once you have confirmed you are in the Beta Program, go to your Account Tab and select About → Beta Program. You have to designate which cams and devices you want to get Beta Firmware.

Edit the Beta Device List to include the PanV3 you have installed.

Once you do that, going back to the Account → Firmware Update list should show the PanV3 as having an available update to download and should also mark it with a Beta logo.

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