Pan v2s unable to get working

I purchased 2 Pan v2’s to replace my current pans. I set them up and 1 cam froze in the update stage and another cam I decided to try not updating but every time it detected motion it went offline.
I am able to get past reading the QR code and my Alexa sees the new device. But it just goes back to flashing red and blue.

I tried flashing them and it didnt work it just keeps flashing red and blue. I am very frustrated with this. I got out of all of the Wyze beta programs because i was frustrated with how much time these products were taking. How can i get these 2 cameras working?

Well we have 1 ptz v2 that will not play,or load up all it shows is the screen that it’s trying to open up,I tryed to open a ticket with Wyze but tells me the email is not right so I will try again later on the support