Pan/Tilt Works Intermittently On Several Cameras

I’ve had three Wyze Cam Pans for a few months and they have worked perfectly. I recently ordered 6 more Wyze Cam Pans directly from the Wyze Store. I’ve had pan/tilt problems with 5 of the 6 cameras. On 4 of the cameras, the pan/tilt sometimes works, sometimes not and some of the cameras randomly reset every 10 minutes or so. On the 5th camera, the pan gears lockup and the camera just sits and grinds on startup. So out of 6 cameras, 1 works okay, SO FAR. Did someone at Wyze send me a bunch of returned reject cameras or am I missing something?
Bob-Las Vegas

Problem solved! I turned off my router for about 5 minutes then back on. I ran the setup again for all of the units. The pan works fine now on all of the units except the one with a bad pan gear.