Pan/tile resets for no reason

I am noticing more and more on of my pan/tilt cameras resets itself for no reason. The on on the other side of the house is fine.

No power glitch and it is on a UPS so not sure why its resetting.

firmware is up to date.

If that camera has an SD card, try removing it to see if the reset issue continues. If so, then the SD card may either corrupt, or just needs to be formatted.

Official SD card formatter from the SD Card Association:

Note: If you are using a card larger than 32GB (not officially supported), you will need to use a different computer-based formatting tool because the official SD Card Association tool will not format a larger card as FAT32 as required by the Wyze Cams.

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@Corvettejoe92… did the suggestion work? I, too, have been having this issue for about 3 weeks now.#MeToo…so annoying