Pan Scan Question/Suggestion

Hi, I have a Pan Cam that I like to leave aimed at the wall for privacy when I’m home. My understanding of the Pan Scan function is that you program in up to 4 positions and the camera will cycle through them. Is there any way to use or get the Pan Scan function to lock to certain positions and stay there until I tell it to move somewhere else?

For example I would use IFTTT to tell the Wyze Cam when I’m home and the camera would aim itself at the wall (IE. Position 1). When I leave, IFTTT would then tell it to turn and face the room (IE. Position 2).

Is this possible? If not, can it be?


Not possible. However, you could program Pan Scan with only one position. Turn on Pan Scan when you leave and the camera will remain in that position. Turn it off when you get home and move the camera to the other position.