Pan Scan and Motion Tracking problems


We recently purchased and installed our Cam Pan on the corner of our covered carport. We set 2 customized waypoints, the first pointing toward the corner of the front side of the house so that you can see the front porch area and front yard, the second pointing towards the driveway. We have the settings turned on for pan scan, along with motion tracking and motion tagging. We tried just a set detection zone prior to turning on the pan scan with custom waypoints, motion tracking and motion tagging.

The problem that we are regularly running into is the following: we have been having A LOT of rough wind in our area. The camera regularly records events of trees moving in areas that are not in either of the 2 custom waypoints, but instead in other spots farther around the side of the carport. We have been testing out the system by walking or driving directly within the path of the custom waypoints but rather than recording the motion of us walking or driving in the frame, it is instead recording motion events of other frames that aren’t a custom waypoint (like the trees blowing and moving on the side of the carport).

It’s just so frustrating that I keep getting so many event recordings of trees blowing and moving but it will not record an event of motion when we walk or drive within the custom waypoints. We tried instead turning off the pan scan and setting a specific detection zone of just the front porch and the driveway but the same thing keeps happening, the camera won’t record us going in or out of the house or driveway but instead records the trees blowing on the side of the carport.

I have tried changing and tweaking the settings on the Cam Pan to decrease the sensitivity of the detection settings but that doesn’t seem to help any. When the wind doesn’t seem to be blowing, it seems to record motion events just fine.

Is there anything we can do to improve the motion tracking or any settings we need to change? Please help! We had a theft outside of our home which led to us getting this system but it won’t be of much use if it is recording the trees blowing around while someone walks right up to the front door that is unwanted.