Pan moving on its own

I was noticing my Pan was moved slightly from its usual position, so I opened the app and rotated the Pan back to its normal spot. A moment later, I noticed it had moved back to the same position as earlier, so I repeated moving it. Long story short, if I reposition the camera, it waits exactly 16 seconds and moves back to the previous position. Doesn’t matter how far I move it from the origin, it always goes back, and always after 16 seconds.

I have checked all of the settings (I literally went through every single setting from top to bottom) and nothing is set that would cause this, I have also noticed that the bottom text overlays are missing, No time and no logo, the op overlays are still there (connection speed and full screen) I have turned timestamp off and back on and nothing helps.

I tried reverting to previous firmware, same issue, so I re-upgraded to latest. Any ideas? Anyone else having this issue? Is there a Hard Reset I should try?

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Hello Jason1.

It sounds as if your detection zone is on set to on. If set to on then any manual movement of the camera will result in the camera returning to the detection zone as defined in the setup screen.

Try turning detection zone off and then moving the camera and see if it stays at the last moved position.

Thank you! I looked right at that setting, but since I didn’t know its implications I didn’t change it, I wonder how it got turned on in the first place.

Any ideas about the clock and logo overlays?

If you are running the latest beta app and firmware then the Wyze logo and the time-date stamps have been temporarily disabled.

Look at the second bullet item under the notes section here: