Pan Mode with IFTTT?

So I just got my new cam today and I’m curious about a possible integration between my alarm system (Abode) and my camera using IFTTT.


In the ideal world I’d like to have the camera facing the wall when not using it (what can I say, I’m old school about privacy) and when my alarm activates have it pan through the preset positions. It doesn’t appear there is a way to do this today. Any thoughts?

You can hook your pan to a smart plug tie it to your abode.


if alarm is disarmed turn off plug to pan cam

That’s a thought. I’ll have to play with how fast the boot time is. My main concern is it wouldn’t boot up fast enough during an alarm. Ideally if I could recall presets using an IFTTT command that would be easier. It would also be nice just for day to day operation if I could recall preset views.

  1. Hi I would like to know if it possible get short free video recording with the camera using ifttt functions. Im going to use it when the camera had sound alarm when nobody was at home.<!--more-->

It only records to cloud for events. So technically just set you pan cam for motion detection and sound detection when your nest is set to away and then turn it off when your nest is home.

i prefer not to tie it to the alarm system since sometimes you want to record your area even when you’re home but not in the room

Yes just set a device e.g. nest to away and wyze cam to enable sound detection. It will record whenever it hears a sound