Pan for the outside?

My Wyze Pan - - No power, no lights, I tried different outlets and plugs. I’ve had it for a few years, I can’t see for sure how long ago because the Wyze account page only shows my recent purchases. I wonder if this is just the life cycle 3-4 years.

Will you be taking a break from making vacuum s and light bulbs to make a Pan camera for the outside?

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Does the camera show any sign of life at all? Where was the camera used, any conditions that may cause it to stop working?
You could try flashing the firmware, there’s a possibility that may fix the camera.
Wyze - How to flash the firmware manually .

I’m not sure if an outdoor Pan is currently being worked on, but it is on the Wishlist

There are many outdoor housing/cover options on Amazon for the Wyze cam Pan like this one, but I haven’t tested any yet.

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I used my Pan Cam under my covered porch and it had a silicone cover over it. There is no life to it anymore, I tried many things twice, with the SD card and without, held the connect button for for a few seconds and up to 3 minutes, it’s in the garbage can right now.

Maybe the outside temperature caused it to stop working?

Still waiting for outdoor version of the wyze cam pan. Have tried the silicone covers and have lost two cameras to water infiltration. More time needed for this and less time for vacuums !

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